Our individual income tax return clients are not just “once a year” clients. For our high net worth individuals we prepare quarterly balance sheets and quarterly estimates to assist in tax planning and in meeting financial goals. We also engage in year round tax planning. We also prepare the partnership returns for many of our individual clients and have extensive experience performing complicated allocations for these returns.
Setting up and drafting trusts, incorporating trust provisions into the drafting of wills, and preparing trust and estate tax preparation, trust administration, and advice relative to estate planning are some of the areas we focus on in wills, trusts, and estates. We help minimize tax in the estate tax area by keeping in mind New York and Federal exemptions, as well as Federal and NYS estate tax law.
We prepare form 706 for gift tax returns and regularly meet with our clients to discuss lifetime gifts, the lifetime exclusion amounts for individuals and married couples, and generation-skipping taxes.
We provide solutions to our client’s business issues and make sure that our clients meet their regulatory and compliance requirements. We incorporate profitability analysis, tax strategies, consulting services, and projected results of operation to help our clients meet their goals.
We offer bill paying services for individuals, where we pay bills to maintain check book balances and reconcile your accounts to bank balances. Account reconciliations are performed to ensure that banks have recorded all transactions properly. Busy professionals who prefer not to be encumbered with monitoring due dates for reoccurring bills and obligations find this service valuable. We regularly prepare balance sheets and other financial statements for clients, so that a client can see where they are at in meeting a specific goal or assessing their plans on an ongoing basis.
We prepare annual financial statements for some of our small business clients and for some of the trust tax returns that we prepare. In addition, we do quarterly bookkeeping for some of our small business clients. We review these statements with our clients and regularly discuss with them ways to improve their processes and make recommendations so that our clients can increase their profitability.